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IMA is pleased to invite you at INTERMODA 2022: INTERMODA 2022 GUADALAJARA — MEXICO IMA & MODAS TDM BOOTH: 5078 /5080 Which wil be held from 18 to 21 January […]

Are you ready for the fourth and final event of #IMAwebinars2021? We have reached the final appointment of this difficult year full of challenges, but also of great opportunities. With […]

On 9 and 10 October the first edition of the TECNO CONF 2021 event took place in Naples at the headquarters of our dealer TAG srls and CUCITECN srls who […]

Готовы ли к третьему меропрятию # IMA-вебинар2021? Тема данного вебинара – нижнее белье и купальники. Данные секторы производства постоянно растут и последний год пандемии ускорил их рост. Если с одной […]

Here we are! The new #IMApills are coming soon… In September, after the summer closure, IMA will be ready to deal with many interesting themes regarding the cutting room and […]

Во время пандемии дом был и стал основным местом, где могли чувствовать себя в безопасности. Невозможность свободных встреч вынуждает нас жить часто взаперти и, вот дом заново становится нашим любимым […]

IMA приглашает Вас 26-го марта в 10:00 ч. и 17:00 ч. в первом вебинаре сезона #IMAwebinars2021, посвященном Женской Моде. Мы открываем обзор, сектором, посвященным женщинам. Мы любим женщин. Оны составляют […]

The IMA Webinars 2021, conceived and dedicated to our customers and collaborators, but also to anyone interested in IMA technological solutions for the Cutting Room, are almost at the start. […]

YOUR PRESENCE, OUR GOAL!  Thank you so much for being connected!  The first IMA digital event is over.  Thank you for making this appointment a memorable event.  Thanks for the […]

A new way of being together and sharing important moments, using modern technology to push the boundaries of current surroundings, transforming the concept of an event into a new experience. […]

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